Operating as "Ashby's Canvas Shop" from '77 through '92,
Atlantic Custom Canvas is as Maryland as it gets.

Photo of Ashby JenkinsAshby Jenkins

Owner Ashby Jenkins grew up near Baltimore, on Stoney Creek. Never far from the water, Ashby's entire life has been spent working on and playing aboard boats of all shapes and sizes. An avid sport fisherman, Ashby also races sailboats in Annapolis, so he understand the needs, challenges and intricacies of all types of boats, both power and sail.

Photo of Randy BruscupRandy Bruscup

A meticulous craftsman, Randy was the Lead Designer and Fabricator for Almo, in Baltimore. Starting in 1973, Randy worked and honed his craft at Almo for close to 40 years. A friend of Ashby since high school, and a co-worker at Almo in the mid-70's, Randy brought his talents to Atlantic Custom Canvas when Almo's owner retired and closed its doors in 2011. Randy is an avid sailor who has been on the Annapolis Racing Circuit for nearly 30 years now.

Both Ashby and Randy continue to attend numerous trade shows, workshops, classes and conventions, always keeping ahead of the latest and greatest materials and techniques.